No Name Cinema, Expanded Cinema, Wind Tide, Kujawski / Smith / Rhody

May 27th

Doors at 7:30pm - Films at 8:00pm




Wind Tide

(littlefield tx)


Kujawski + Smith + Rhody











Opening up the first half of the night will be a performance piece by the KUJAWSKI+SMITH+RHODY trio for multiple 16mm projectors, violin, accordion, flute, lap steel, piano, harmonica & metal objects. This handmade, two-reel, dual projection film was assembled collectively by the ensemble and composed from a series of found b&w 16mm film elements suffering severely of vinegar syndrome. Likewise, the live audio accompaniment is a collectively structured improvisation composed of elements realized during jam sessions in the warehouse.

WIND TIDE is the sound, visual art, and architectural practices of Andrew Weathers and Gretchen Korsmo as well as the name of their home and studio space, a renovated commercial building in downtown Littlefield TX. Despite the interdisciplinary nature of Wind Tide's practice, the work has a conceptual grounding across media and engages with notions of place, space, and environment and is very often made from found or recycled materials. Wind Tide will be performing with synthesizers, lap steel & voice to accompany films/videos by Aaron Oppenheim and J. Eric Simpson.


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Upcoming Events
(subject to change)

Fri June 10th - FEMME FATALISM (5 short films/videos on the female experience by Jennifer

                        Hardacker, Cat Tassini, hannah piper burns, clara mchale ribot, Erica Schreiner and

                        Sofia Canales, curated by Nicole Baker Peterson) --- with RESONANCE (a selection of

                        films from the Boston-based AgX Film Collective, curated by Susan Deleo)


Fri June 24th - BLESS THEIR LITTLE HEARTS (Billy Woodberry's 1984 landmark film from the

                         LA Rebellion movement, written & shot by Charles Burnett) with opening short films:

                         The Trucker (2021, directed by Raven Johnson) and In The Street (1948, directed

                         by  Helen Levitt, James Agee & Janice Loeb)

JULY thru SEPT - The Picture Postcard (an exhibition exploring twentieth century

                             photographic postcards, curated by Justin Rhody)

Fri July 8th - THE SPECIAL PEOPLE with director Erica Schreiner in-person from NYC

                     A darkly humorous consideration of the hypnotic state induced by smart technology &

                     the human desire for freedom & authenticity through a journey bathing in sparkling

                     storybook sets, an eerie combination of VHS nostalgia and foreboding dilemmas.

                     Schreiner wrote, directed, & acts in this feature-length film alongside a cast of non-

                     actor friends. She also single handedly built the elaborate & colorful sets in her

                     apartment throughout the pandemic, where she shot the movie using a VHS camcorder.


Fri July 22nd Sat July 23rd - PACKARD's WILD WEEKEND!

                                                  To commemorate the 20th Anniversary of underground filmmaker

                                                  Damon Packard's 2002 magnum opus, Reflections of Evil, NNC is

                                                  proudly presenting the feature-length American masterpiece in

                                                  addition to rarely-seen short films by the director. Two different

                                                  programs spread over the course of two nights: get ready now!


Fri Aug 12th - Hands on a Hardbody with opening short films tba


Sat Aug 13th - Collage Workshop with Abigail Smith!


Fri Aug 26th - TRANSGRESSION / NO WAVE short films, co-programmed by Joshua Rievel


SEPT (exact date tba) - 16mm Film Direct Animation Workshop!

OCT thru DEC - A New Mexican Burial, an exhibition of photographs by JC Gonzo

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