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Saturday June 25th

PAULA & IRVING KLAW: vintage prints

An exhibition of 20 vintage prints from the "bizarre fetish underground" photo archive of the brother and sister, collaborative commercial photographers, Paula & Irving Klaw - curated by Justin Rhody. In 1957 the Klaws were brought before a McCarthy-like Senate Subcommittee hearing on juvenile delinquency, were branded as degenerates and faced potential prison sentences for the photographs that they were producing and distributing through their mail order business. These same hearings led to the retirement of the Klaw's most famous model, Bettie Page. Through pleading the 5th amendment in response to every inquiry, Irving Klaw was eventually found in contempt of court, forced to close their storefront business in Manhattan and eventually decided to burn an estimated 80% of their film negatives in fear of facing a future prison sentence. Paula Klaw, however, secretly hid a small portion of the photos for decades, which comprise this exhibit of vintage 4"x5" prints.

***FINAL COPIES (of the 2nd printing) of the exhibition books are available, featuring essays by Courtney Fellion & Delaney Hoffman. Email to purchase a copy.


(no exceptions)
The Picture Postcard, No Name Cinema

June 30th

The Picture Postcard

An exhibition of 20th Century photo postcards, curated by Justin Rhody.

Exhibition Dates: June 30th - Sept 30th


(no exceptions)
The Special People, Erica Schreiner, No Name Cinema

Friday July 8th

doors at 7pm, films at 7:30

The Special People

(directed by Erica Schreiner / 2021 / 120 min)


The Special People is a darkly humorous, experimental sci-fi video that asks the viewer to consider the hypnotic state induced by smart technology and the human desire for authenticity. The feature-length narrative carries the audience through a hero’s journey while bathing in sparkling storybook sets, an eerie combination of VHS nostalgia and foreboding dilemmas.


The citizens of a pink forest stare into iridescent cubes and cannot look away. Apple, Bird and Violet manage to break their trance, and indulge in philosophical conversation. They question why they are free while the others are not. They had their voices removed when they were babies so they learn to communicate telepathically. They experience the sensuality of fruit and each other in The Forest, but soon feel it is not enough. The Special People decide to embark on a journey to bring the other citizens of The Forest back to consciousness by attempting to destroy the master cube, guarded by The Overlords. On this journey, the three get separated and Apple must continue the journey alone. She encounters many of The Obstacles along the way and learns if she is to free the citizens of The Forest, she’ll have to sacrifice her life.


Erica Schreiner wrote, directed, and stars in The Special People. She also single handedly built the elaborate, colorful, sparkling sets in her New York apartment where she filmed the feature using a VHS camcorder and a cast of non-actor friends.


(no exceptions)

Upcoming Events
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Sat June 25th, 6-9pm - CLOSING RECEPTION for the Paula & Irving Klaw: vintage prints photo exhibition

Thurs June 30th, 6-9pm - OPENING RECEPTION for The Picture Postcard (an exhibition of 20th century

                                                  photographic postcards, curated by Justin Rhody, on display through September.)

Fri July 8th - THE SPECIAL PEOPLE w/ director Erica Schreiner in attendance ~ post-screening Q&A

                     A darkly humorous consideration of the hypnotic state induced by smart technology &

                     the human desire for freedom & authenticity through a journey bathing in sparkling

                     storybook sets, an eerie combination of VHS nostalgia and foreboding dilemmas.

                     Schreiner wrote, directed, & acts in this feature-length film alongside a cast of non-

                     actor friends. She also single handedly built the elaborate & colorful sets in her

                     apartment throughout the pandemic, where she shot the movie using a VHS camcorder.


Fri July 15th - Abortion Fund benefit screening: The directorial work of Barbara Loden featuring the

                      rarely seen 1975 educational short film THE BOY WHO LIKED DEER on 16mm film(!)

                      along with a 4K digital restoration of Loden's 1970 feature-length masterpiece, WANDA.


Sat July 16th - Saturday Morning Cartoons curated by Johnny Woods - with free cereal bar!


Fri July 22nd



                         To commemorate the 20th Anniversary of underground filmmaker Damon Packard's

                         2002 magnum opus, Reflections of Evil, NNC is proudly presenting the feature-length

                         American masterpiece in addition to rarely-seen short films by the director.

                         Two different programs spread over the course of two nights!


Fri Aug 12th - Hands on a Hardbody with opening short films tba


Aug - Collage Workshop with Abigail Smith!


Fri Aug 26th - TRANSGRESSION / NO WAVE short films

                       (co-programmed by Justin Rhody & Joshua Rievel)

Fri Sept 16th - The home videos of NELSON SULLIVAN

                        Nelson Sullivan (1948 – 1989) was an American videographer who documented the art

                        & club scenes of Downtown New York during the 1980s. His videos, recorded on early

                        VHS technology with a handheld camcorder, chronicle both nightlife events & the

                        everyday trials and tribulations of his friends, many of whom would become famous

                        queer icons. Sullivan’s often-overlooked treasure trove of home video work is not only

                        an amazing window into 80s queer New York, but also a pioneering body of work in

                        the home video / diary filmmaking canon (some have called him the first ever vlogger).

                        “If you really want to know what it was like in the 1980s in New York, you have to

                        watch Nelson Sullivan’s videos.” –Marvin Taylor, NYU Fales Library and Special

                        Collections --- “Nelson Sullivan’s camcorder videos of 1980s queer New York are a

                        rare cultural treasure.” –Slate --- “He was our ambassador.” –RuPaul

Fri Sept 30th - Morgan Barnard expanded cinema performance & works for single-channel video

                        FILMMAKER IN ATTENDANCE!

Fri OCT 7th - OPENING RECEPTION for A New Mexican Burial

                     (a solo exhibition of photographs by JC Gonzoon display through December.)

Fri NOV 25th - The films of ERIC LEISER with an analog laser illuminated transmission Agfa film

                        hologram light show - FILMMAKER IN ATTENDANCE!

Dec 2nd thru 4th - IDA LUPINO 1949-1953 directorial showcase (3 days, 4 films)

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