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Friday Sept 30th

doors at 7, films at 7:30pm




Live expanded cinema performance

& Works for single channel video

Artist in attendance + Post-screening Q&A

Barnard’s expanded cinema performance includes a rendition of ‘InCamera’ - an improvisational performance that uses video sampling and audience participation to create a dynamic live cinema experience. Starting with no content, Barnard uses a copy stand camera system to rephotograph objects that the audience brings into the performance. For this performance, he will be exploring light as a subject matter and is requesting that audience members bring in objects that either emit light or allow light to pass through them. In addition, several single channel videos will be screened during the evening that highlight past projects that explore the terrain of expanded cinema and live audio visual performance.

Morgan Barnard is a Santa Fe based artist working in the areas of public art, interactive media, immersive installations and live cinema. His work offers audiences unique moments of observation and reflection through the use of lighting and projection. His studio in New Mexico is focused on creating work that combines interactivity, data-visualization, real-time systems and experimental digital techniques.


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Upcoming Events
(subject to change)

Fri Sept 30thMorgan Barnard expanded cinema performance & single-channel video FILMMAKER IN ATTENDANCE (from New Mexico)

Fri OCT 7th - OPENING RECEPTION of A New Mexican Burial (a solo exhibition of photographs by JC Gonzoon display through December.)

All of OCTOBER - Low-budget & historical SUPERNATURAL BLOW-OUT! (details coming soon)

Fri NOV 4th  - OPEN SCREEN! An in-person screening open to all local filmmakers working in experimental, documentary, animation & personal filmmaking. (No promotional material or mainstream industry-aspiring work will be accepted.) Submissions open in October!

NOV 12th - Jeremy Kennedy & Emji Saint Spero (an extended release formula of poetic, performative, and sonic multi-orgasmic experiences on tour from Los Angeles+ a spoken word & photo slideshow performance by Justin Clifford Rhody (book launch for the new 2nd edition of Rhody's conceptual poetry book, A Horse With A Name) + live media performance by legendary culture mash video artist 99 Hooker (traveling from San Francisco)!

NOV 18th - FILM DIARY NYC 2.0  - A festival of experimental non-fiction films that capture the personal history and daily experiences of the filmmaker and the world they encounter. A showcase highlighting the most heartfelt but most overlooked cinema: diary films, home movies, and personal documentary. Call for submission now open!

Fri NOV 25th - The short films of ERIC LEISER - plus an analog laser illuminated transmission Agfa film hologram light show - FILMMAKER IN ATTENDANCE (from New York)

Dec 2nd + 3rd - IDA LUPINO 1949-1953 directorial showcase (2 days, 2 double features!)

JAN (exact date tba) - The home videos of NELSON SULLIVAN - Sullivan (1948 – 1989) was an American videographer who documented the art & club scenes of Downtown New York during the 1980s. His videos, recorded on early VHS technology with a handheld camcorder, chronicle both nightlife events & the everyday trials and tribulations of his friends, many of whom would become famous queer icons. Sullivan’s often-overlooked treasure trove of home video work is not only an amazing window into 80s queer New York, but also a pioneering body of work in the home video / diary filmmaking canon (some have called him the first ever vlogger). “If you really want to know what it was like in the 1980s in New York, you have to watch Nelson Sullivan’s videos.” –Marvin Taylor, NYU Fales Library and Special Collections --- “Nelson Sullivan’s camcorder videos of 1980s queer New York are a rare cultural treasure.” –Slate --- “He was our ambassador.” –RuPaul

JAN (exact date tba) - EXPANDED CINEMA PERFORMANCES by the K/S/R trio (Santa Fe) and Wind Tide (Littlefield TX). All new works for multiple projectors and live improvised sound along with a collaborative piece for handmade 16mm film created through the mail by all 5 performers. Release party for a K/S/R / Wind Tide split cassette!

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