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Upcoming Events

Thurs Oct 5, 6-8pm - Chess & Jazz club - Chess playing and jazz listening, open to all skill levels. Free herbal tea.

Fri Oct 6, 6-8pm - opening reception for CALENDAR; an exhibition of 12 collages on plywood by Gretchen Korsmo & Andrew Weathers - "Each month we [left] a sheet of plywood in the backyard of Wind Tide [the artist duo's former studio in Littlefield TX]. Throughout the month we collaged, printed, and otherwise modified the panel which was also acted on by the elements–sun, wind, (occasional) rain. With the exception of adhesive, all materials used are items already in our home and studio or found in the street, or, if we're real lucky, blown directly into the yard. Each panel is a record of the month's weather and the material detritus of our lives processed through an improvisatory activated entropy. We started each month with a full four-foot-by-eight-foot sheet of plywood, which was then framed and cut down to a size appropriate to our backyard storage shed. The Calendar is an attempt to further integrate daily creative activity outside of capitalist aspirations into our lives.”

*** in dreams only will be exhibited on the video wall (a hand made 16mm film collaboration by Korsmo / Weathers / Smith / Rhody / Kujawski).

Thurs Oct 19, 6-8pm - Chess & Jazz club - Chess playing and jazz listening, open to all skill levels. Free herbal tea.

Fri Oct 20 - the films of CRAIG BALDWIN including Stolen Movie (1976, 9 mins - Armed with a Super-8 camera and a sound-person, Baldwin runs both recording devices continuously through single-take raids on a series of San Francisco Market St. grindhouse theaters. Rushing past box offices and through front lobbies, he captures the chance scenes and sounds on screen at the time, then flees out the rear exit doors to re-unite with the reality of the street), Bullet·in (2015, 6 mins - An exploded view of a ballistic issue. With Big Pharma and the NRA lurking just outside the frame, a mid-century media-archeological marvel unpacks the triangulated discourse of familial patriarchy), Wild Gunman (1978, 19 mins - Mobilizing wildly diverse found-footage fragments, obsessive optical printing, and a dense "musique concrete" soundtrack, a maniac montage of pop-cultural amusements, cowboy iconography, and advertising imagery is re-contextualized within the contemporary geopolitical crisis in a scathing critique of U.S. cultural and political imperialism) --- and then after a brief intermission we'll screen Baldwin's 1991 masterpiece of found footage filmmaking, Tribulation 99: Alien Anomalies Under America (48 mins - Unrelentingly lurid and equally hilarious, TRIBULATION 99 might be an X-ray of a rabid slacker's seething brain. This "pseudo-pseudo-documentary" is a skewed history of US intervention in Latin America AND a hysterical satire of conspiracy theory. With a sci-fi plot suggesting that current unrest can be blamed on space aliens who live under atomic test sites, the film illustrates its argument with images culled from newsreels, horror flicks, and everything in between. The film may induce in some the symptoms of information overload, brought on by the flashing graphics, manic gestures, and cheesy special effects. (presented on 16mm film!)

Tues Oct 31 - HALLOWEEN (co-presented by the Santa Fe Noise Ordinance) - Costumes + Music + Projections + bowls of wet spaghetti and peeled grapes, maybe some dry ice... more info soon!

Thurs Nov 2, 6-8pm - Chess & Jazz club - Chess playing and jazz listening, open to all skill levels. Free herbal tea.

Fri Nov 3 - Open Screen v.4 NNC's third bi-annual night of local shorts gathered through an open call, free to submit. Open to all filmmakers local to New Mexico (or able to appear in person at the screening) who are working in experimental, documentary, animation and/or personal filmmaking. No promotional material or mainstream industry-aspiring work will be accepted. One submission allowed per person, films must be 1-15 mins in length & filmmakers MUST be able to attend the screening in person. (submissions open in Oct)

Fri Nov 24 - RAGTAG (dir. Giuseppe Boccassini, 2022, 84 mins) - A monumental work of found footage filmmaking composed from over 300 classic Noir films. "As an expansive historical portrait of the human psyche of the 20th century and its grim post-war landscape, [RAGTAG] lets the past and the future sit in a gesture of the present. Like an act of perpetual destruction and recreation, a sort of ouroboros that devours its own tail and wanders on the threshold between history and desire, the visible and the invisible, light and shadow."

DEC 15-17 - RICK PRELINGER - Screenings & Presentations in Santa Fe & ABQ all weekend!Rick Prelinger is an archivist, filmmaker, writer and educator. He began collecting "ephemeral films" (films made for specific purposes at specific times, such as advertising, educational and industrial films; more recently called "useful cinema") in 1983. His collection of 60,000 films was acquired by Library of Congress in 2002, and since that time Prelinger Archives has again grown to include some 30,000 home movies and 7,000 other film items. Beginning in 2000, he partnered with Internet Archive to make a subset of the Prelinger Collection (now over 8,700 films) available online for free viewing, downloading and reuse. His archival feature Panorama Ephemera (2004) played in venues around the world, and his feature project No More Road Trips? received a Creative Capital grant in 2012. His 30 Lost Landscapes participatory urban history projects have played to many thousands of viewers in San Francisco, Detroit, Oakland, Los Angeles, New York and elsewhere. He is a board member of Internet Archive and frequently writes and speaks on the future of archives. With Megan Prelinger, he co-founded Prelinger Library, an experimental research library in downtown San Francisco, in 2004. It is still open to the public. He is currently Emerit Professor of Film & Digital Media at University of California, Santa Cruz.

DEC 15, 7pm - No Name Cinema: a program of unusual home movies from a variety of North American communities, including a talk about how home movies point toward thinking about cinema in different ways & how they problematize both archives themselves & production in general.

DEC 16, 1pm - The Guild Cinema (ABQ): NO MORE ROAD TRIPS - an “interactive” film (in which the audience is encouraged to speak) taking place along US 66. [New frame-by-frame restoration!]

DEC 17, 11a- The New Mexico Museum of Art (Vladem Contemporary): NOISY ARCHIVES AND THE FUTURE OF MEMORY - Beginning with what we think we know about archives, history and the digital turn, this provocative talk (with photos and archival clips) takes us on a contrarian and speculative journey through archives and memory keeping. It argues that we need to think beyond simple binaries like “analog” and “digital,” and proposes archives with permeable walls, where records move in and out of archives with ease and are freely available to all people and communities.

March 2024 (exact date tbd) - LIGHT MATTER FILM FESTIVAL traveling program!

(flyers for past screenings)

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