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OCT - DEC 2023

opening reception: Fri Oct 6th, 6-8pm

Calendar is a yearlong project begun in January 2022; each month we leave a sheet of plywood in the backyard of Wind Tide. Throughout the month we collage, print, and otherwise modify the panel which is also acted on by the elements - sun, wind, (occasional) rain. With the exception of adhesive, all materials used are items already in our home and studio or found in the street, or if we're real lucky blown directly into the yard. Each panel is a record of the month's weather and the material detritus of our lives processed through an improvisatory activated entropy. We start each month with a full four foot by eight foot sheet of plywood, which is then framed and cut down to a size appropriate to our backyard storage shed. Calendar is an attempt to further integrate daily creative activity outside of capitalist aspirations into our lives.


Wind Tide is the sound, visual art, and architectural practices of Andrew Weathers and Gretchen Korsmo as well as the name of their former home and studio space, a renovated commercial building in downtown Littlefield, Texas. Despite the interdisciplinary nature of Wind Tide's practice, the work has a conceptual grounding across media and engages with notions of place, space, and environment and is very often made from found or recycled materials. Wind Tide has released sound work on the Full Spectrum and Never Anything labels and has shown visual work at Louise Hopkins Underwood Center for the Arts (Lubbock, TX), CO-OPt Research + Projects (Lubbock, TX), Contemporary Art Museum Plainview (Plainview, TX), Project Project (Omaha, NE) and Lasso Gallery (Amarillo, TX) as well as expanded cinema at No Name Cinema (Santa Fe, NM).

in dreams only, Wind Tide, Justin Rhody, Ben Kujawski, Abigail Smith, Gretchen Korsmo, Andrew Weathers, 16mm film

***The video exhibition wall will feature in dreams only

A handmade 16mm film collaboration created through the mail using natural elements, food products, paint, and toner by Gretchen Korsmo, Ben Kujawski, Justin Rhody, Abigail Smith & Andrew Weathers.

Upcoming Exhibitions:

Jan - March: textile work by Petra Brown (more info soon)
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